Momentum Single Mechanical mod

Fluid mod’s the first creation that released in 2014. Momentum was designed to use thumb to press the fire button that located on top of the mod. SS316L/Brass with various wood (rose, ebony or bubinga) are used as materials. 18490 and 18650 versions are made.

Momentum DNA 30 mod

DNA 30 mods are made for 18650/18500 size. Only 25 units are ever made.

Momentum Dual Mechanical mod

Parallel dual mechanical mod. Wood and stabilised wood are used for body. Top and bottom plates are made of aluminium, thus lighter than 18650 single mech. Silver plated contact points reduced the voltage drop.

Momentum DNA 40 mod

DNA 40 mods are made for 18650. This was the smallest 18650 mod at that time. Only 300 units are ever made 

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